Project “25 Grand” – Thank You!

25th AnniversaryIn our Silver Jubilee Year POWER PLEAS set a target of raising £25,000 and helping 25 children with their mobility needs.

We would like to say thank you to all those people that have made this possible by working as volunteers for us at this special time.

The financial target of £25,000 was achieved in the following ways:

  • By support from the general public in our West Midlands Region by voting for us in The Lloyds Banking Community Award of £5,000, in which we polled the most votes.
  • By the energetic efforts of Barry Phillips in his year as Worshipful Master of the local Campbell Lodge.  Barry was inspired by his knowledge of the late Michael Davies, one of our earliest beneficiaries. Michael’s parents worked tirelessly on this voluntary project in our special year.
  • By the continuing partnership with Tettenhall Rotary Club and the generous giving of Wolves supporters at our annual collection.
  • By a specific donation from Wolverhampton Scope to be spent on residents of Wolverhampton suffering from Cerebral Palsy.
  • By three anonymous donations of £1,000 from people who know of our work.
  • By the claiming of Gift Aid from donations.

In fact the total will be nearer to £30,000 thanks to the contributions above and the one-off donations from well wishers.

Throughout the year we will have helped more than 25 children by our activities. We have worked in partnership with the Lady Taverners and Wolverhampton Wheelchair Services and a variety of provision has been effected. This has included outdoor electrically powered wheelchairs, manual/electrically powered wheelchairs, manual sports wheelchairs, both foot and hand operated manual trikes and the mundane maintenance of two of our own training wheelchairs.

The pictures that are seen on our web-site and facebook page speak louder than any words, so take a look at them and share in our joy.

Penn Hall Sports Wheelchairs