Project “25 Grand”

25th AnniversaryAs part of it's 25th Birthday celebrations in September, POWER PLEAS has pledged to provide mobility aids for 25 more children to celebrate its past and meet some present needs of young Wolverhampton people.

One of the strands of Project “25 Grand” is to give six adapted trikes to young children within the year. Five and a half year old local boy Harry Bowen has already been given one of these trikes and Mum Sally speaks very positively about the change that the trike has brought to their lives:

We have just been on holiday and Harry was able to go off and play independently and go everywhere with us. It has been a God-send, a life-saver and wonderful.

As part of the campaign to help POWER PLEAS, Harry, who has been “weaned on the Wolves”, met some of his heroes on Thursday 23rd August at the Wolves Training Ground at Compton to publicise the Charity’s Appeal for votes in the Lloyds Banking Group Community Fund public ballot.

Members of Tettenhall Rotary Club are joining POWER PLEAS in pleading with fans for votes at the home match against Derby on Saturday 25th August.

Votes have to be cast before midnight on 9th September.